The Office

Using one of the rooms in your house as an office or study can be so useful. A place to keep your important paperwork, a place to relax and catch up with correspondence, or a place to work at home. We can either combine bedroom looking furniture with hidden study space or totally kit out your new home office.

As we enter the age of technology it is sometimes hard to keep contemporary interiors and clean lines. It is not easy to hide wires to printers, faxes, scanners and keyboards etc. We will work with your ideas or design from our own experience what will work in your designated area.

From classic to ultra modern your new office suite can include corner desks, filing cabinets, drawers, wall units and shelving. Even a concealed safe is an essential in any modern home.

Free Standing Furniture

A matching dressing table, chest of drawers or headboard for your bedroom.

A television stand, sideboard or display cabinet for your living room.

Bathroom furniture such as vanity units under wash basins, utility storage and toiletry cabinets.

Bespoke framed mirrors.

Don’t forget to ask about our wide range of quality table and chair groups from our new Neptune range.